Learn how to feed your Human Energy System.┬áLearn about your Dosha’s and how to incorporate Ayurveda into your diet. Learn what high energy foods are and how to apply them to yourself. Learn how to maximise your mental health, weight management and well being using energy foods and lots more!

We will also be looking at food and their seasons and how to get the most out of these foods.

Mood Foods offer a range of cookery classes but we are adding more all the time so please contact us and request to sign up to our mailing list or check our social media platforms for new and upcoming dates:

The age groups will be as follows:

4-7 yr olds
8-11 yr olds
12-15 yr olds

Adult classes & parent and child classes are also available. Keep checking our website and social media platforms for our next available cookery classes.

‘Every food we eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on the body, mind and spirit. Becoming aware of this fact and working with it consciously is the foundation of spiritual nutrition’

We will also be launching some other classes which will include hormone health, teen hormones, gut health & immunity, nutrition for your mental health & wellbeing, menopause and a few others.

If you are interested in any of these classes or want to find out what else I am running, please contact us so you can be added to our mailing list.

Classes will commence in January (hopefully!). Full details to follow:

4 to 7 years classes run from 10am – 12pm (Weekends & School Holiday dates will apply)

8 to 11 years classes run from 2pm – 4pm (Weekends & School Holiday dates will apply)

Adult classes run from 7pm – 9pm (Evenings and Weekends will apply)

Special Event classes will be posted when they are available for booking. Information will be sent first via our Newsletter. To sign up to our mailing list, contact us and ask to be added.


I will be taking bookings for these again as soon as I am able to. If you are interested, please register your interest here and let us know which class or classes you are interested in.

NOTE: These classes always sell out very quickly and are only run once a month so please book early to secure your place.

Gift cards available for lessons to purchase click here