Mood Foods burger nights @ The Cornerhouse

February 8th, 15th & 22nd(Monday evenings)


Due to the recent government rules about closing the pubs, we will be offering these burger nights as collection only from The Cornerhouse, Frome. When we are given the go ahead to open the pubs again, these nights will go back to being eat in events with the option to collect.
All burgers are made using locally sourced ingredients and are packed full of nutritional extras.

Standard Mood Foods burger with all the extras and my own homemade burger sauce Single £10.00/Double £13.50

Cheeseburger Single £10.00/Double £13.50

Chicken burger Single £11.00/Double £14.50

Chicken, Bacon & Cheeseburger Single £11.00/Double £14.50

Fish burger Single £10.00/Double £13.50

Spiced Tandoori Lamb burger topped with a butternut squash & onion bhaji Single £11.00/Double £14.50

Meat free Vegan burger Single £10.00/Double £13.50

Meat free Vegan Cheeseburger Single £10.00/Double 13.50

Beer battered Onion rings (using gram flour so perfect for people who are gluten free)
Ayurveda spiced wedges
Sweet potato wedges/fries
Za’atar spiced Halloumi fries (using gram flour so perfect for people who are gluten free)
Healthy Slaw
All £3.75
Gluten free rolls available. Please state this if you are pre-ordering.

NOTE: Collections can be made between 6.00 and 8.30pm in order to book your time slot please use the Addition Information section at the bottom of the checkout page. If your chosen slot is not available we will phone you to arrange an alternative slot, otherwise please collect from The Cornerhouse at your requested time. All orders received will be for the first available Monday night.

* These burger nights are always really popular so please pre-order as early as possible to book your allocated collection slot. To place your takeaway collection order please click on any of the above listed items.
Becoming more aware of your diet and the benefits of how food can help you to make the necessary adjustments which meet the needs of your body and mind, will give you everything you need to maintain and improve your life.
All of my food is packed full of vital nutrients aimed at enhancing the absorption process and i will only produce good, locally sourced, healthy, nutritional & wholesome food that will leave you feeling full, energised and nutritionally nourished.