Breakfast Muffins x4


These muffins are pretty much mini frittatas and are loaded with with healthy ingredients. Just pop them in the oven at 180 for about 10 minutes and then enjoy! Or you can eat them cold as a snack for work or a lunch box. We make these in some of our kids cookery classes and the kids love making them. So much so that they forget they contain some of the things they say they don’t like! What a great way to start your day.



Contains: Dairy (Egg, Cheese), Spinach, Tomato, Mushroom, Flaxseed, Herbs, Sweetcorn

Nutritional Advice: Spinach is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and folate. Its also a good source of manganese, magnesium, iron, vitamin B2 and vitamin K. It helps to reduce oxidative stress and reduce blood pressure. Sweetcorn is a good probiotic which aids digestion. It is a valuable source of vitamin B and contains essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese. Tomatoes are a major dietary source of the antioxidant, Lycopene (essential for heart health). They are also a great source of vitamin C, potassium, folate and vitamin K


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