WINTER The air is dry, cold, clear & light. Gently morning dew hardens into ice & possible snow threatens our land. Most vegetation is storing energy in its roots, protected from the season’s cold, rough winds. Our bodies do the same & we put hats, gloves, scarfs & boots on to keep the extremities warm. The digestive fires naturally accumulate in the core in cold weather & the body’s furnace is at its best to digest and metabolise delicious winter recipes of healthy fats & proteins. Ayurveda suggests enjoying the hearty, dense & oily qualities of foods like nuts, sweet potatoes & ghee. We will be releasing nicely spiced, warming, grounding recipes which feature ingredients such as dates, sprouted beans, cooked fruits & cinnamon to name a few. You can then use these winter recipes to keep you feeling centred & burning bright!


  Dates, information and menu’s for our Winter Cookery Schools will be released half way through our Autumn season