Do you have some free time on your hands to help out? There are loads of ways that you can get involved to volunteer with us at Mood Foods.

If you are interested in increasing your knowledge of food and discovering a new way of nourishing you then we can help you out with that.

We are running our NEW COOKERY CLASSES🌱

In these classes students will learn how to feed their own Human Energy Systems, learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and how to incorporate Ayurveda into their diet, learn what high energy foods are and how to apply them to their every day living. They will also learn how to maximise their health using energy foods and lots more!

The age groups will be as follows:

4-7 yr olds – 2hr session
8-11 yr olds – 2hr session 
12-15 yr olds – 2hr session

Adult classes & parent and child classes – 2hr session

Other classes include hormone health, teen hormones, menopause and a few others.

Class sizes are a maximum of 15 and each session runs for 2 hours and we are looking for 1-2 people who would like to help out with these. If you are interested in helping out at any of these classes, then please contact us for more information.


‘Positive energy is exchanged like a fair trade. The more you give, the more you receive’